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Dealing With Traumatic Events

Click here to find tips for dealing with traumatic events, including school shootings.

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Welcome to KCCRB!

The Kentucky Community Crisis Response Board (KCCRB) provides the entire spectrum of critical incident stress management (CISM) services from pre-incident training, acute crisis response, and post-incident support to emergency services personnel who have encountered a traumatic event. Traumatic events include: line of duty deaths, multi-casualty incidents, use of deadly force, suicide of a first responder, events involving children, prolonged incidents, terrorism, and any other overwhelming event.

Additionally, KCCRB coordinates acute multi-component crisis support services and specialized training to schools, communities and organizations outside the emergency services field.

These services are provided at no cost in attempts to prevent the destructive effects of emotional trauma, job related stress, and accelerate recovery from critical incidents before stress reactions can negatively impact an individual’s career, health and family.

We Serve:

Emergency Services Personnel
Line-of-Duty Deaths, Line-of-Duty Injuries, Multi-Casualty Incident Deaths, Suicide of Co-Worker, Terrorism, Events involving children, Prolonged Incidents, Use of Deadly Force, Knowing the Victim and Natural Disasters. This is our biggest focus.
Schools Experiences including Death or serious injury to students and staff, School bus accidents, Fires, Explosions, Natural disasters, Suicides, Active Shooter and Violence
Business/Industry Experiences
Sudden death of co-worker, Suicide or homicide, serious injury to self or staff, violent or hostage situations

We Provide:

KCCRT provides Consultation, Assessment, Psychological First Aid, Multi-component Crisis Intervention, Education and Training.

We provide FREE training to First Responders – Currently provide these two trainings specific to first responders, Protecting Our First Responders: Firefighters and Protecting Our First Responders: Law Enforcement.

We provide FREE Psychological First Aid II to community and first responders wanting to learn how to respond during a disaster.

We provide a FREE presentation on who we are and what we can offer through an Overview.​

Request a Response

The Kentucky Community Crisis Response Board can be reached 24 hrs/day, 7 days/week by calling toll free:

Call (888) KCCRB-28 or (888) 522-7228

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