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History of School Crisis Response in Kentucky

May 14, 1988 Radcliff Assembly of God church bus crash on I-71 near Carrolton, KY- 24 students, 3 adults die, many others severely injured. Volunteers provide crisis response aid. State crisis response team formed in the aftermath as a partnership between mental health and emergency response  personnel. Louisville develops Respond, an interagency school crisis response team.

Sept. 18, 1989 Jackson Co. High School senior takes one class hostage for ten hours; no one injured. KDE staff and local district counselors provide crisis response aid.

May 10, 1990 Lincoln Co. Elem. School secretary murdered in school by estranged spouse, who later commits suicide off-campus. Local district counselors provide crisis response aid; later KDE staff provides aid.

Nov. 1990 First education teams for crisis response formed and trained to assist volunteer state crisis response team.

Jan. 18, 1993 East Carter Co. High School- senior transfer student kills an English teacher and a custodian as 22 students held hostage witness events. State crisis team members provide intervention services for a week.

Jan. 16, 1994 Todd Co.- Community and the middle/high school are impacted by a racially motivated shooting and the suicide death of an educator’s popular son. Local crisis resources are used; later KDE staff provide help.

May 26, 1994 Ryle High School (Boone Co.)- Student kills parents and two siblings and takes first period class hostage for several hours. Volunteer state crisis response team provides intervention services.

July 1996 Kentucky Community Crisis Response Board (KCCRB), created by 1996 General Assembly, becomes law. April 1997 an executive director and staff hired to manage the daily operations of the board and coordinate the Volunteer State Crisis Response Team.

Dec. 1, 1997 Heath High School- freshman student shoots repeatedly at students in a before-school prayer circle, killing three students and wounding five others. State and local crisis response teams provide intervention services.

Spring 1998 KCCRB in partnership with the KDE survey all Kentucky school districts- school crisis response planning and recovery.

1998-1999 KCCRB in partnership with KDE and KSBA provides statewide training and technical assistance in crisis preparedness, management, intervention and long-term recovery. Recruitment and capacity building of trained school personnel as volunteer state crisis team members.

1999-2000 KCCRB in partnership with KDE, KSBA and Kentucky’s Center for School Safety continues to provide training and technical assistance. In October 1999 the development of a system of Regional School Crisis Intervention Resource Teams begins - Forging Partnerships in preparedness, management and the promotion of recovery.

"Funding for this document came from the Kentucky Department of Education by way of the Federal Safe and Drug Free Schools and Communities Program"


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